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Canadian Slot Machine Book of Oz Introduction

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Book of Oz for Canada

The Book of Oz has entertained gamers since its launch in 2018. You might think that's a long time in the world of online games, but the fact that we're still buzzing about it demonstrates its enduring popularity.

It's not just us, either. Our friends in Canada can't get enough of the Book of Oz, which explains its high demand across Canadian online casinos. You're more than welcome to enjoy a Book of Oz slot free play round or two on Microgaming's official website.

So if you're hesitant about diving straight into a real money game in Canada, why not give it a whirl first? We're sure you'll fall in love with the enchanting world of Oz. Once you're ready, we have a curated list of the finest online casinos where you can spin the Book of Oz slot for real money. Give it a shot, and embark on your own adventure in the Land of Oz!

Gates of Olympus

Book of Oz Video Review

video review game

Book Of Oz Slot Review

The Book of Oz is an adrenaline-pumping slot game designed by Triple Edge Studios exclusively for Microgaming. At first glance, you'll notice the fairly familiar layout that's common to most online slot games. Its 5x3 grid is sprinkled with eye-catching visuals you'll surely enjoy - but more on that later.

One of the standout features of the Book of Oz slot game is the free spins bonus that comes with an innovative twist - the expanding symbols. If you're new to this concept, expanding symbols do precisely what their name implies - they grow to cover the entire reel, dramatically increasing your chances of winning.

Moreover, this game offers an enticing extra: the opportunity to purchase an additional re-spin in the game drum. This means you can make a targeted move to nab that elusive symbol you've been aiming for. Stay tuned for more about this feature and others as we dive deeper into the exciting world of the Book of Oz slot game.

Book of Oz Graphics and Soundtrack

The game's aesthetics play a critical role in shaping the player's experience, and that holds true for the Book of Oz slot game. There are definitely some admirable elements in both the visuals and sound design, yet, we can't overlook certain shortcomings. Let's delve deeper.

Visual Design

The visual design of the Book of Oz slot doesn't bring much new to the table. Given its release date in 2018, it might feel a tad outdated to some. However, its design faithfully represents the spirit of the Wizard of Oz tale, complete with a striking emerald backdrop.

The colour palette does a brilliant job of transporting you to the enchanting world of Oz. However, the scarcity of high-paying symbols gives the slot a rather basic visual appeal. There are subtle references to the theme within the symbols, but they're not as apparent as one might hope.

Touching on the design of the controls, we have often noted in previous slot reviews how crucial this aspect is. The Book of Oz online slot green spin button is the element that ties back to the theme. Apart from that, it all feels quite standard.


The game does score pretty high in terms of its soundtrack. Typically, video slot soundtracks can feel a bit overwhelming, or sometimes they might be enjoyable on their own but don't quite go with the game's theme.

However, the background music in the Book of Oz has a slightly eerie and mysterious vibe, perfectly fueling the thrill and adventure that fits the game's theme.


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How To Play Book Of Oz in Canada

If you're just starting your journey into the world of slot games, the Book of Oz slot demo is an ideal place to begin. It's pretty straightforward to play, and we'll break down the rules to ensure you understand the game mechanics.

First things first, let's get familiar with the unique symbols used in the game. Here's a rundown of all the possible symbols you might encounter in the Book of Oz game:

  • Regular card values ranging from 10 to A,
  • The trio of potion jars in red, green, and blue,
  • The wizard himself,
  • The Book of Oz.

In this game, the Book of Oz pulls double duty as both the Wild and the Scatter symbol. As the Wild, the Golden Book can stand in for any other symbols on the reels, helping you score winning combinations. It always morphs into the highest-paying symbol to ensure you get the maximum possible payout.

Meanwhile, as the Scatter, the Golden Book is the key to unlocking the Book of Oz free spin bonus. We'll delve deeper into this bonus feature later on in this guide.


Book of Oz RTP and Volatility: Is This Your Game?

Before we get further into the specifics, it's important to address a crucial aspect. How can you tell if this game suits your financial expectations? To clarify this, we need to discuss the Book of Oz's Return to Player (RTP) and the slot's volatility.

If you're new to the lingo, the RTP indicates what portion of the money you invest in a slot will likely come back to you. The higher this percentage, the more promising it is. For the Book of Oz slot game, the RTP stands at quite an impressive 96%, which is high even by industry standards. Therefore, from an RTP standpoint, this is a great option for beginners.

But what about its volatility? While writing the Book of Oz slot review, we discovered it possesses high volatility. This means wins might be sparse, but when they hit, they're usually worth the wait.

Considering both the RTP and volatility, our advice for newcomers is to take it slow with the game. With the Book of Oz free play mode, you might want to dip your toes into the slot waters first. Once you get the hang of it, you're in for a thrilling and potentially rewarding experience.

How to Win Playing Book Of Oz

In order to win in the Book of Oz game, it's essential to understand how winnings are calculated for your payouts. It's well-known that the game has 10 paylines. These paylines represent the various ways to create rewarding combinations.

Victory is achieved by securing 3 or more matching symbols within any of the 10 payline combinations. The more matching symbols you gather in your winning streak, the more substantial your payout will be. Should you land more than one winning combination from a single spin, rest assured that only the highest-value win will be taken into account, ensuring fair play.

A standout feature of the Book of Oz slots is the unique respin mechanic, a concept, unlike any other games we've encountered. Each reel in the game offers a respin after your initial spin. This feature is noticeable by the golden "Respin" tag located beneath each reel.

Alongside this tag, a designated value is provided, representing the cost of using the respin. There's no restriction on how many times you can use the respin. However, the respin function resets each time you alter the bet value you're playing with.

Earlier, we highlighted a special symbol in the game, the Golden Book. Now, let's delve into the functions of this symbol.

The Golden Book operates as a Scatter symbol. Procuring 3, 4, or 5 of these scatter symbols rewards you with 10, 12, or 25 free spins, respectively. Moreover, this symbol doubles as a wild card, possibly replacing any other symbol. The Golden Book secures a win regardless of its position on the field. What matters is the quantity of these symbols present on the field.

Symbol Winning for a combination of 2 signs, CAD Winning for a combination of 3 signs, CAD Winning for a combination of 4 signs, CAD Winning for a combination of 5 signs, CAD
Ten 0 fifty 250 1000
Jack 0 fifty 250 1000
Lady 0 fifty 250 1000
King 0 fifty 400 1500
Ace 0 fifty 400 1500
Red pyramid fifty 300 1000 7500
Purple flask fifty 300 1000 7500
Flask with a lion fifty 400 4000 20 000
Goodwin 100 1000 10,000 50,000
Oz plate 0 200 2000 20 000

Book Of Oz Free Spins

The Book of Oz's free spins are the exclusive bonus feature of the game. It's also your key to scoring your bet's max win of 5,000x. If you're setting your sights on that top prize, it's crucial to fully understand the free spins feature. You will need the Scatter symbol to trigger the free spins. More specifically, you need at least three of these symbols to activate the free spins. If you manage to land more, even better, as it will reward you with additional spins.

Landing three Scatters will earn you 10 free spins, whereas four and five Scatters will net you 12 and 25 free spins, respectively. Plus, don't forget that you'll also earn a payout for landing the Scatters on the reels – something definitely worth keeping in mind. We recommend trying out the Book of Oz demo mode to understand how the free spins work. Once you trigger the free spins bonus round, you'll notice a random symbol has been selected.

Number of Scatter Symbols Number of Free Spins
3 scatter symbols 10 FS
4 scatter symbols 12 FS
5 scatter symbols 25 FS

You may be wondering why this particular symbol. Well, this chosen symbol will serve as an Expanding symbol if it appears in a winning combo. The maximum win you can achieve in the free spins round is a hefty 5,000x your stake. The Book of Oz also doubles as a Wild symbol in the game. This means it can replace any other symbols on the reels, helping you craft winning combinations.

Keep in mind, though, the respin mechanic is deactivated during the free spins round. But don't fret. Once your free spins have been used, the respin feature will reactivate in the base game. However, bear in mind that any alteration in your bet will disqualify you from purchasing respins. Also, be aware that certain slot machine bonuses may not be accessible during re-spins.

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Book of Oz Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

We’re almost done with our Book of Oz slot review. However, before we end it, we have prepared some tips and tricks that you can use to win the game. Our suggestions are pretty universal, you can use them not only for the Book of Oz slot free play but any other slot game in general.

Take a Look at the Paytable

The paytable is essentially the rulebook of any slot game, holding all the details you need about the slot. If you're ever unsure about the paylines in the Book of Oz, the paytable is the place to find the necessary clarification.

It's not just about the paylines either. The paytable also outlines the value of each symbol. So, when you're exploring the Book of Oz free play mode, check the paytable to identify which symbols carry the highest value.

Moreover, the paytable can help you understand how these mechanisms function if the game includes multiple bonus features. For any novice player hoping to get the hang of the game, the paytable is an invaluable resource - essentially the best guide you could wish for.

Set a Bankroll

The term 'bankroll' refers to the total amount of money you're prepared to spend on a slot game. Since the slot Book of Oz is classified as a high volatility slot, it's crucial to consider the size of your bankroll.

For those new to the scene, starting with a smaller bankroll is advisable until you get a feel for the game. Once you've gained more experience playing at a Canadian online casino, you might decide to increase your bankroll size.

However, remember that the size of your bankroll is ultimately your decision. If you're eager to chase the top win and aim to trigger the free spins feature as quickly as possible, ensure that your bankroll is adequately sized to support this strategy.

Start Off with Small Bets

We recommend that you start betting with a small amount at the Book of Oz casino game, irrespective of the size of your bankroll. That way, you can get the hang of the game and its rules. Keep in mind that a lot of things also depend on your luck.

If you see that you’re having a case of bad luck, then you should take things down a notch. Take a little break from the Book of Oz casino game, and come back to it when you cool off.

Test Out the Bonus Features

Even though the Book of Oz slot doesn't boast a lot of bonus features, it's not a reason to overlook the available bonus features. In fact, we strongly suggest that you familiarize yourself with the free spins bonus by practicing in the Book of Oz demo play mode as much as possible.

Since you're playing with using actual money, you don’t have to worry about squandering real funds. You can continue to play until you feel entirely comfortable with how the free spins feature operates.

Some might believe the feature to be straightforward and not require extensive practice. However, remember that this is a high-volatility slot. Therefore, it's more beneficial to test it out for free before potentially regretting a lack of understanding when playing with real money at a Book of Oz online casino in Canada.

This advice extends to the respin feature as well. Given that the costs associated with spinning individual reels can vary, it's worthwhile to thoroughly test this feature. This way, you can accurately gauge potential expenses in various situations.

Playing at a Safe Online Casino

This goes without saying, but your experience with the slot, be it in the Book of Oz free mode or with real money, will be worse if you play at an unlicensed casino. These operators don’t offer any security. If you get scammed, then there’s nothing anyone can do.

To make sure that you don’t end up like this, all players should first check the credentials of the online casino first. Look at the license that the operator has. You can find detailed information in the footer section of the website.

Imagine getting the max win on the slot for real money, just to find out you can’t withdraw it because the operator is not licensed. To avoid this, always verify that you’re playing at a licensed online casino.

Slot Conclusion

The Book of Oz slot can be considered fascinating, even though the game is not unique. This model definitely deserves the attention of users, thanks to the free spins bonus feature round, as well as the possibility of buying additional spins of the gaming reels.

Do not miss the free opportunity to play Book of Oz on the website.

The video slot is largely based on the story of the Wizard of Oz, where you can meet many characters during the game. The design is great, the sound effects match the fairy tale theme. A distinctive feature is free spins, which, with a certain fee, can be an unlimited number. In addition, there are also scatter and wild symbols.

The graphics are decent enough, but the game doesn't particularly stand out in terms of design. However, it more than makes up for this with its potential for a 5,000x multiplier, the availability of free spins, and the unique feature of purchasing respins on specific reels. This feature is impressive and certainly earns our highest praise – we find it quite appealing.

In terms of the Book of Oz slot's Return to Player (RTP) rate, a player can expect an average return of about 96.39% on this online slot machine. This falls pretty much in line with industry standards.

In summary, the Book of Oz slot presents average game mechanics and graphic design. However, it does provide players with the unique opportunity to purchase a respin and the potential to win up to 5,000x their stake, which certainly adds an interesting twist.

Go to the Land of Oz to try the Book of Oz slot!


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Can I Play Book Of Oz Slot in Canada for Free?

Yes, you can play this slot for free. Usually, these types of games have demo slots options. You can run the Book of Oz slot demo play and test your skills. No matter how much you play, you won’t have to spend a single penny with the respin demo mode.

Can I Win Real Money on Book Of Oz Slot?

Absolutely! In order to win real money, you need to play the Book of Oz at a real-money online casino. It's only in this context that you stand a chance to secure real cash winnings.

How Many Paylines Does the Book of Oz Slot Game Have?

Much like any other typical 5x3 slot, the Book of Oz features 10 paylines for you to play on. These 10 combinations offer payouts when you land three or more matching symbols. You can get a detailed overview of all the paylines in the game's paytable.

What is the Biggest Win in the Book of Oz?

The maximum amount you can win from the Book of Oz is a whopping 5,000x your stake. Your best shot at securing this max win is during the free spins feature.

Can I Play Book Of Oz Slot on My Mobile Phone?

Yes, of course! Furthermore, the Book of Oz is playable on any mobile device, whether it's Android or iOS. Thanks to the game being coded in HTML5, it runs seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices. This compatibility ensures you can enjoy a smooth gaming experience, regardless of your preferred platform.

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